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Deer Valley Turkey Chili Mix

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Prepare the Resort's most popular lunch selection at home in your own kitchen.  Just add the fresh ingredients listed in the recipe to the mix of special seasonings and beans for a perfect batch every time. Also great poured over tortilla chips for awesome Turkey Chili nachos!

  • Deer Valley Chef’s Turkey Chili Tips

    • The turkey chili is best when prepared the day prior to serving 
    • Cook as indicated on the recipe and refrigerate overnight which aids in the thickening process 
    • Serving Day - simmer the batch in a slow cooker or soup pot on low heat until serving time to maximize flavor absorption and allow the chili to reduce to its intended thick, rich consistency  
    • If cooking on serving day is necessary, do not pour all liquid in at once as reducing time may be limited 
    • Adding less liquid than called for will not adversely affect the taste 
    • Try poured over tortilla chips for awesome Turkey Chili Nachos!

    *Optional Topping suggestions:  chopped green or red onions, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, & jalapeño slices. 

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