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Get Free Shipping on orders of $99 or more!
Gift cards always ship free and are not included in this promotion.


Shipping & Handling Rates


Estimated delivery, 10-14 business day.  Please note there are no standard shipping charges for Gift Cards.   Orders of $99 or more (gift cards and sales tax excluded) receive Free Shipping.

If Order Totals: Add or If Order Totals: Add
up to $19.00 $7.95   $19.01 - $49.00 $12.95
$49.01-$98.99 $14.95 $99 and up FREE


We are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Under normal conditions, all in-stock items are shipped within three business days after order is received. Please understand that, at times, delays may occur due to weather, availability or other conditions.



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